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Flickr a Day 228: ‘Two Visitors’

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Searching for photos to feature, I come across many stinkers. The worst offenders are those with greatest potential: Composition is excellent, but the image is blurry—perhaps being out of focus or because of camera shake. I initially dismissed today’s selection, before taking a second look and then enlarging. The focal point is the boy’s hand as he reaches out. Depth-of-field is shallow, and the technique creates—at least to my eyes—charming composition.

Bart Heird shot self-titled “Two Visitors” on Jan. 18, 2014: “Loved the curiosity on the faces of these two kids at the museum”, he says. So do I. He used Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi and 60mm lens. Vitals: f/2, ISO 320, 1/60 sec. There’s your reason for the shallow DoF.

The Chicago native, living in Columbia, Md., describes himself as a “hobbyist photographer with the heart of a storyteller with a passion for interesting typography, urban decay, old films, new films, great stories and gaming”. He is a “creative director in an agency and am obsessed with all things digital. It’s a joy to be a member of this really talented, eclectic and vibrant community”. He joined Flickr in December 2005.

Photo Credit: Bart Heird

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