This Is Me Then and Now No. 3

Considering how many people are selfie-obsessed, I really should start a Tumblr around this “Me Then and Now” concept. There has to be a meme here somewhere. I posted the first in October 2014, comparing photos of me taken about 10 years apart and about 25 kilos (60 pounds) lighter. In the second comparison, posted in January 2015, I weighed 63.4 kilos (139.8 pounds) down from 70 kilos (152 pounds) five months earlier and from 95 kilos (210 pounds) a decade past.

The photo on the left, shot Sept. 26, 2006, shows how chunky I still was. The right pic is from July18, 2015, when I weighed 59 kilos (131 pounds). This dramatic change in my weight and appearance resulted from adapting my diet, which is not the same thing as dieting. I don’t starve myself but eat differently. I cut way back on the carbs, as a way of normalizing my blood glucose levels. Weight loss was an unexpected benefit.

Nine years older, I feel stronger and more energetic, and I no longer despise my reflected image in the mirror.

Photo Credits: Anne Wilcox