Flickr a Day 258: ‘The Parade is Over’

Photojournalist Giannis Angelakis has a wicked eye. The images he captures on the streets of Greece evoke emotion, and you immediately want to know what is the backstory for each. I could fill a week’s worth of postings, even more, with his work. But there can only be one.

Giannis shot self-titled “The Parade is Over” on Nov. 24, 2014. The photo takes the Day for composition and composure. Look at the grim expression on the child’s face. Vitals are not available for this pic, or others in his photostream. Typically, then, with authentication uncertain, I wouldn’t feature the shooter. But because of his profession and the consistency of style among all his captures, I am fairly confident this is his art.

From Chania, where he still lives, Giannis joined Flickr in May 2010. You can also find him on Facebook, but be prepared for a grim outlook on the Greek crisis and Europe’s future. He hasn’t tweeted since July 2013 (FB and Flickr are current) but the second-to-last one is revealing: “Europe is dead. We just don’t know it yet”.

Photo Credit: Giannis Angelakis