Flickr a Day 361: ‘Trolley’

I can’t resist the intimate perspectives that Barney Moss captures. Today’s selection comes from his album/set “365“—and any of the photos therein could take the Day. Many of the best ones failed the cut, however, because topically they are too much like something featured before when there are so few days left in the series.

He shot self-titled “Trolley” on Nov. 11, 2015, using Canon EOS 70D and EF-S17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM lens. Vitals: f/7.1, ISO 500, 5 sec, 17mm. I picked the pic for composition, character, clarity, and perspective. Flare from the streetlights punctuates the moment, captured with long shutter that turns the gutter view into art.

From London, Barney joined Flickr in January 2006. But his family spent Christmas elsewhere. 🙂

Photo Credit: Barney Moss