Halloween Cat

I sighted the same cat sitting in the same place two nights in a row—second time with enough light to capture meaningful pics with iPhone 7 Plus. The candid presented opportunity to use the dual-camera’s zoom feature. Image on right is standard, and the other is 2X. The collage editor cropped, so for reference I provide the originals separately.

The captures are from Oct. 12, 2016, at 5:36 p.m. PDT. Vitals for the first: f/1.8, ISO 20, 1/399 sec, 3.99mm. The second: f/2.8, ISO 20, 1/129 sec, 6.6mm. I shot the pics quick, fully auto. Activating the optical zoom was one-touch easy. 


Any camera, particularly on a phone, is the sum of its parts. While the second lens is f/2.8 exposure, focus, ISO, white balance, etc. are comparable to the wider-angle f/1.8. Sensor and software have a lot to do with the intelligence giving goodly comparable photos.


I’m impressed.