Decorating Shabby Chic

While my daughter was away for two weeks, I furnished her new apartment, which was a fun exercise. I decided to go vinatge, buying several semi-matching Shabby Chic-style pieces—the majority from local store Loveseat.

The Featured Image is Molly’s nearly completed living room; a few additional accents are not shown here. She already had the phonograph player and guitar—earlier Christmas and birthday presents, respectively; I added most of the rest, including the picnic basket and painted box, with a few exceptions like the painting. The lamp, light, and chair are from IKEA. 

Keeping with the vintage theme, I replaced the wire-mesh pen-and-pencil holder with a Campbell’s Tomato Soup mug.

I couldn’t resist this oriental rodent thingy, which also sets on the desk.

Here’s a better view of the desk and how it blends with the other pieces, in a deliberately spare way.

In the bedroom, I added the Loveseat-purchased dresser and nightstand to her existing wares, including the bed, chair, and IKEA NOT lamp. Not pictured: New makeup vanity and storage.

I shot all photos with iPhone X.