Flickr a Week 7b: ‘The NYC Band, The Upwelling’

Our Sunday spot shouldn’t be, because of endings: The photographer is no longer active on Flickr, and I am unable to confirm that his subject matter still exists. But I can’t resist the portrait for looking to be exactly what it is—in purest, iconic, grainy, black-and-white composition: An indy rock group.

Steve Hardy shot self-titled “The NYC Band, The Upwelling” on Jan. 24, 2009, using Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi. Vitals: f/2.8, ISO 1600,1/15 sec, 33mm. He describes himself as a “Grammy Award and multi-platinum, award-winning mix engineer”. He mixed the group’s album “An American Stranger”, which released in August of the same year that he snapped the photo.

The disc is the only one I can find for The Upwelling, nor is there any clear indication that they are active. Their domain leads to some Chinese website. Yikes! Squatters have taken over possession. Meanwhile, Steve’s site comes up dead but not snatched. I did easily find him on LinkedIn. AllMusic lists 57 credits for him—mostly mixing and mastering, but some composing, recording, and photos.

“Photography is a new hobby of mine, and I hope that people enjoy my photos”, he explains, when joining Flickr, in July 2008. Oh, yeah? Come back!

Photo Credit: Steve Hardy