Flickr a Week 19a: ‘Afterbath’

Happy Mother’s Day, readers. We celebrate with self-titled “Afterbath“, which Gerry Dincher shot on April 4, 2020, using Canon PowerShot SX10 IS. Vitals: f/4, ISO 80, 1/250 sec, 5mm. Released more than 11 years ago, the camera features fixed f/2.8-5.7 super-zoom lens: 5-100mm, which when adjusting for crop factor is 28-560mm film equivalent. The pleasing portrait shows how much more important is the photographer than using the fanciest, newest equipment. Color, contrast, and use of natural light (and shadows) make a keeper that I would describe in two words: natural and iconic.

“I am a fifth grade teacher in Hope Mills, North Carolina”, Gerry explains about himself. “I like to take pictures of old and small towns that have seen better days. I’ll stop to take pictures of abandoned buildings in the country. Bright colors attract my eye. Sometimes I get lucky and get some good shots”. He joined Flickr in August 2007.

Photo Credit: Gerry Dincher