Flickr a Week 42: ‘Shoed Attitude’

The most everyday thing can become a keeper shot, as Rick Harris demonstrates with “Shoed Attitude“, which he captured on May 26, 2010, using Canon EOS 40D and 10-20mm lens. Vitals: f/4.5, ISO 250, 1/40 sec, 10mm. The sneaks take the week for bokeh, color, composition, and contrivance.

“My photography is intended to capture emotion and decay”, Rick says of his craft. “I travel far to capture decay and ephemera. This includes landscapes, water-scapes, and a wide assortment of found objects. More for a recorded document than an artistic journey, I scour my back roads exploring forgotten, discarded and disappearing landscapes. I also strive to capture candid moments of emotion. To preserve those moments of fleeting joy”.

From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Rick joined Flickr in December 2004 and continues to add photos nearly 16 years later.

Photo Credit: Rick Harris