Five Years Later

Eldest daughter. Second born. Older twin. There are many more appropriate ways to describe my sister Annette but none more than loss. She unexpectedly passed away five years ago today. Left behind: Three children. All adults and parents of their own. Must be mentioned being Mother’s Day.

I used Leica Q2 Monochrom to capture the Featured Image, made from a print. The copy can’t be better than the original, which isn’t sharp. Maybe soft focus was the photographer’s intention; he or she is unknown. The re-creation is edited with a fair amount of noise reduction applied (due to ambient overhead lighting ISO is 16000).

Annette is the sister seated far right. Based on the date stamped on the original, she and her fraternal twin would have been three years and a few months old. For privacy’s sake, because you never know what nut is collecting personal information, I don’t name the other two. We always called them “The Girls” anyway. They were a set—now incomprehensibly incomplete. We miss you, Sis.