What is That Bug?

Late afternoon, on June 27, 2021, as my wife and I walked along Madison, from Georgia towards Florida, an odd-looking insect made me stop and wonder. I am something of an amateur entomologist, or used to be, but identification of this bug confounds me. After eliminating cricket or grasshopper as likely, my guess is some kind of Katydid—but not resembling the leafy-winged type of which I am more familiar.

I used Leica Q2‘s dedicated Macro mode to capture the Featured Image—the only one of three shots in focus, and not the best composition of the trio. I rushed too much, trying to get in close without scaring off the thing. I don’t recall what the insect landed on, other than to recollect a nearly vertical surface. Vitals, aperture manually set: f/4, ISO 100, 1/500 sec, 28mm; 4:18 p.m. PDT; San Diego’s University Heights neighborhood.