Easter was Four Months Ago, Right?

Walking up Meade Avenue in San Diego neighborhood North Park, today, I stopped to wonder which “A” month is now. Because this poster reads April but surely it’s August. My wife focused on something else, stepping forward, pointing, and commenting on the absurdity of an egg hunt for anyone “18 and up”. Huh?

Odder still, the location of the poster: Garfield Elementary. That to me precludes anyone over 12. Then there is question why the school promotes an event that occurred more than four months ago. Granted, education should be timeless but this?

Ha, and one more observation: The egg grab happened the day before Easter, but I guess that name is too, ah, religious for a public institution. Perhaps Spring is appropriate enough, considering some of the pagan origins of the bunny and associated fertility rites. Oh? Is that why include adults, who surely know something about coupling?

I used Leica Q2 to capture the Featured Image. Vitals, aperture manually set: f/2.8, ISO 100, 1/3200 sec, 28mm; 12:11 p.m. PDT.