Bird Formation

If yesterday is a measure, darkness will bring little to no relief from the monsoonal heatwave oppressing Southern California. Muggy air cooled down to 23 degrees Celsius (74 F) outdoors overnight but to 29 C (84 F) in our apartment—first instance since we moved here such imbalance occurred. As I write, outside and inside temps are in near (sorrowful) equilibrium: 31.6 C (89 F) and 32.7 C (91 F), respectively.

Looking for some additional activity, early evening, I walked about parts of San Diego neighborhoods University Heights and North Park. The Featured Image and companion come from the latter—along The Boulevard approaching Texas Street. As I passed by this tree, something hanging on the bark caught my attention. Can you see why?

To my eyes, there is shape of a bird, with defined eyes and open beak. There is plumage and tail, too. Is this a natural formation that just happens to look like something or is it some kind of art piece that someone placed on the tree? You tell me.

Vitals first, aperture and shutter speed manually set for both: f/2.8, ISO 250, 1/60 sec, 28mm; 7:22 p.m. PDT. The other is same but ISO 500, one minute earlier. Both come from Leica Q2.