What Would You Pay to Live Here?

Zillow lists 30 places for rent in my neighborhood of University Heights. You are looking at the most expensive: $5,950 per month. For a rent like that, I think Manhattan or San Francisco—not a somewhat middleclass area of San Diego. But, hey, the deposit is only $5500 (plus another $500, if you have a small pet). Lucky you.

Strangely, the place is a bargain, because half-a-block distance is a $5,450 rental that may be less monthly but poorer value for the size:1,450 square feet, compared to 2,325 sq ft for the pricier property.

Eleven of the 30 are $3,000 or more monthly; five are over four grand. The  bargain basement might as well be a corner in one. The listing states studio for $1,325 that is 10 square feet. Honestly. Perhaps that’s a typo for 100, but even that is tiny.

I used Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra to shoot the Featured Image, today. Vitals: f/2.4, ISO 40, 1/2600 sec, 70mm (film equivalent). 12:06 p.m. PST.