Love is Consequential

For Valentine’s Day, I share a card that my wife made me for Feb. 14, 2017. I keep it in the desk drawer on top of my computer, which in 2023 is Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio. The sentiment means much to me, and you can see some wear and tear from being moved about when my notebook is removed or replaced. Love is consequential, after all.

Annie adores this plush Yeti, which to me seems perfect way to show off her card craft. I also use the moment to give glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra‘s 108-megapixel camera. The Featured Image is straight from the smartphone—composed as shot and unaltered. Color is spot-on accurate and dynamic range satisfies. Vitals: f/1.8, ISO 250, 1/40 sec, 23mm (film Equivalent); 8:05 p.m. PST, today.

Supposedly, tomorrow, FedEx will deliver the S23 Ultra, which I have mixed feelings about buying, because the S22 benefits are beyond good enough. Samsung launch discounts and trade-in credit, alongside incrementally meaningful improvements, made the upgrade irresistible, however. That said, I regret not having more time with the S22—eh, maybe. The usability value is so great that I may yet keep last year’s model and forego the trade-in allowance.

For now, my mind turns to something more meaningful: I wish my Beloved Happy Valentine’s Day, which in our household is a year-long event. Shouldn’t love be every day?