Boom Button

One week ago tomorrow, Hamas terrorists launched an assault into Israel that slaughtered entire families (yes, children included), grabbed hostages, and raped women. Need I say more? As Israel prepares to invade Gaza Strip, regional tensions rise—perhaps even exceeding the raw emotional reaction among Jews and many other human beings.

My concern: Atrocities were meant to evoke such anger that Israel acts out the script of a plan meant to give Hezbollah an excuse to join Hamas in a counteroffensive that would devastate the Jewish state and lead to global war—as nations like the United States take military action for its longstanding ally and Muslim countries like Iran directly or, by proxy, indirectly intervene for the terrorist groups.

While Western nations, particularly in Europe and North America, rally behind Ukraine in the war with Russia, support mostly stops at monies and munitions. If Israel is overwhelmed, allies would more likely become directly involved in the fighting. Call it World War III, if you like.

Now we come to the Featured Image, captured today using Leica Q2 Monochrom, and what I think it means. Vitals, aperture manually set: f/2.8, ISO 200, 1/6400 sec, 28mm; 2:41 p.m. PDT.

Nuclear button is a euphemism for launching missiles containing Atomic bombs. That’s my interpretation of the intention behind the sticker added to the crosswalk sign at Cleveland and Washington in San Diego neighborhood University Heights. Particularly with wars and climate hysteria that the Earth is doomed in 2030, there are plenty of people who believe that humanity is the problem—one solved by some extinction level event, which could be anything from Viral Armageddon to nuclear winter.

You tell me.

Oh, and Happy Friday the 13th!