When We Were Acquainted

Annie smiles for the camera in a portrait probably taken by me. You do remember when film shooting was the only option—not the nostalgia thing that it is today, yes?

We were a newly matched couple in Yongin, Korea. My guess on the date for the Featured Image: Jan. 10, 1989, maybe the 11th. We would be blessed in marriage with 1,274 other couples on January 12. I will share more about that event, and our 35th wedding anniversary, in two days.

We couldn’t have been more different individuals in background, yet we were alike in many more ways that would become clearer over the years. I grew up in Maine, she in New Jersey. I lived far from any major city; she could ride the train into New York. My family rented; hers owned a home. She has brothers; I have sisters. Annie worked in graphic design for a weekly magazine; I had left Midwest college, studying journalism.

Her sense of style, urban sophistication, and beauty humbled me. I had much work ahead to feel, if not be, worthy enough.