I couldn’t not watch “24” this season, because the plot got so ridiculous there was need to see what would happen next. Each episode I hoped for better. Now, after 24 disappointing hours, I’m starting to feel like a drug addict hoping the next fix will finally satisfy.

Bad as things were, the show’s writers ended the season with the worst kind of cliffhanger. Good `ol Jack Bauer got captured by the Chinese. I guess the American president and Russian terrorists weren’t tough enough. Now, “24” addicts must wait until January 2007—eight freaking months—to see what happens to beaten and kidnapped Jack on Day 6. Geez. 

I will give the TV show’s writers credit for sarcastic innuendo. Kim Bauer turned out to be Jack’s undoing. A supposed phone call from Kim led to his kidnapping.

Jack is a cultural icon now. During a recent episode of “House” the good doctor sniped something like, “Call Jack Bauer”, in reference to some problem (yeah, yeah, two Fox shows, I know).

Best commentary on the final two hours goes, as usual, to Dave Barry.