Get Your D80, Folks

As I walked by the Ritz camera at White Flint Mall this afternoon, I saw a Nikon D80 box on display in the window. So I checked inside, because I thought the camera wasn’t going to be available until end of next week. The store had two cameras, two D80 and 18-135mm lens kits and at least one 18-135mm lens. A customer was testing the D80 with 18-135mm lens when I walked in. The guy, who owns a D70, also asked about the cost of the 18-135mm lens ($399).

I handled the camera for a few moments. It’s surprising lightweight, at least compared to my D200. This camera should be quite familiar to anyone that has used the D70 or D70s. The D80 kit looks like a great value.

Photo Credit: Ben Kor

Editor’s Note: On July 28, 2017, this post was recovered, using Wayback Machine, from a snapshot of during 2006, when months of content was lost while changing blogging systems and webhosts. Date and timestamps are authentic.