Gladwell Makes Me Sad

One of my pet themes is what I call “David Thinking“, and until today I worked on an ebook espousing the concept as a lifestyle philosophy. Now that’s on hold, and it’s not a choice easily made.

I first wrote about David Thinking here in May 2009 post “Why Apple Succeeds and Always Will“. Writer Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker article “How David Beats Goliath: When underdogs break the rules” inspired the concept. He used Ivan Arreguín-Toft‘s research about so-called Davids beating Goliaths as basis for the story. I took the political scientist’s concepts someplace Gladwell didn’t, applying them as a way of thinking differently. I have written about David Thinking often, in posts here and elsewhere.

Someone in my Google+ Circles shared a video of Gladwell speaking at the search and information giant’s campus. Until viewing the first few minutes, I was unaware that Gladwell’s “David and “Goliath” book published October 1.

Sigh. I put my how-to ebook, David Thinking: How to Beat the Goliaths in Your Life, on indefinite hold because of possible misperceptions—that I capitalize on his longer tome. Gladwell is a well-regarded and established book writer. I am not.

Sometimes timing sucks.