Fujifilm X100T First Samples

Battery finally charged, I started shooting with the Fujifilm X100T, JPEG + RAW and Chrome film simulation. In the low light, I had a helluva time shooting kitty Cali. She’s just too dark for the autofocus. So I switched to my wife jewelry workspace. 

Focus plane is the tea set. I didn’t fiddle with anything. Camera is set to Aperture Priority and Auto ISO. Photo is f/2.8, 1/28 sec, ISO 3200. Better samples will come. The JPEG is straight from the X100T. I straightened the photo but otherwise did not edit.

The little collection here features Neko, whose lighter color makes for a better subject than Cali. The first two photos are normal mode, while the closeup is set to Macro. Once again, the JPEGs are unaltered. They are all f/2.8 and ISO 3200; 1/34 sec for the first two and 1/30 sec for the facial.