Finding Flickr

Closing the storytelling loop from my thinking-out-loud writing, an update: I let my Flickr Pro account renew on December 6. That may surprise some people after I questioned the photo-sharing service’s trustworthiness for plans to resell Creative Commons Commercial images and  for recommending that anyone concerned should change the license (technically CC isn’t revocable when applied).

I seriously considered closing down my Flickr, and moving everything to my SmugMug or even to 500px. But something stung my ambitions. I still believe in Yahoo, and announcements yesterday and today—mobile developer conference and new opportunity for advertisers—demonstrate a company in upward motion. My oldest online identity is with Yahoo. Call me sentimental, even though my Yahoo mail account collects more spam than all the others combined by several times. That given I rarely use the address. 

For now, I will continue to Flickr my photos released Creative Commons non-Commercial. However, I may begin posting some images All Rights Reserved somewhere else for sale. May. This is me writing as process of thinking out loud again. I philosophically don’t believe in All Rights Reserved, so we shall see what happens.

The accompanying photo is one previously unpublished of Jerry Robinson, who is credited with creating Batman characters The Joker and Robin. I snapped the pic, which does not appear in my Flickr set, on the last day of San Diego Comic-Con 2010, using the Leica X1. Jerry died the following year.

Except for a little downsampling to post here, the photo is otherwise unaltered. In editing, I would probably adjust the temperature and exposure.