Flickr a Day 61: ‘New Zealand Night Life’

Growing up in Northern Maine, I spent many summer nights gazing at the spectacular canopy above, against which the Northern Lights often shimmered bands of color. But breathtaking experience there can’t compare to some of the night sky shots from the Southern Hemisphere. David Kingham delivers fine example with self-titled “New Zealand Night Life”, shot on Sept. 24, 2014.

“On our last night the Southern Lights made a surprise visit for a brief time”, he says. “This captures life of the traveler on the South Island quite well, a campervan under the stars in an awesome campground, I miss it!” He is American, from Loveland, Colorado. 

David describes himself as a nature photography, explaining his simple objective:

I create artwork to trigger an emotional response with the viewer, to remind them of all the beauty in the world. I want them to leave their stresses behind no matter how large or small they may be. My goal is to bring joy into peoples lives through my work. I create images that are more than a pretty picture, I want them to heal the viewers soul, to transport them and forget about the tragedies of the world for a moment to find inner peace.

My “emotional response” is jealousy to anyone able to see the Southern skies, frequently and free from light pollution. He captured today’s selection, soon after moving to the Fujifilm X-T1, using a 12mm lens. Whoa, what a prime! Photo vitals: f/2, ISO 6400, 15 secs, 12mm.

He joined Flickr in October 2008 and also posts pics to his photography website.

Photo Credit: David Kingham