Pixel Me Life

I am in one of my moods today, waiting for the big Apple media event to start in about 30 minutes. For no reason, other than perhaps boredom thinking about what’s to come, I wrote a quickie poem—an ode to Chromebook Pixel. It’s all just for fun and doesn’t pretend to be anything more.

When you work alone in a home office and there is no one to tease with spitballs and paper airplanes, making fun is a singular effort. The poem is meant to be read with rapid meter. Confession: I don’t play a fife, but it rhymes with life. Maybe I will add more verses later. 

Pixel me perfect
Pixel me nigh
Pixel is resting
On my thigh

Pixel me morning
Caress the keys
Warm aluminum
Against my knees

Pixel me genius
Wiggle me toes
“5 mins to Work”
Google Now knows

Pixel me music
Live in the cloud
Mother is yelling
“It’s too goddamn loud!”

Pixel me roaming
Internet cafe
Barista is wearing
His monthly cosplay

Pixel me smiling
Dude’s Windows 10
What’s that movie?
“Dead Again?”

Pixel me busking
Playing me fife
YouTube stardom
Chromebook Pixel is me life