Flickr a Day 257: ‘Two Fat Cats Whoopie Pies’

Ha! Now there is something surely unexpected. Meet and greet what I consider to be the single-most cause of obesity back home in Maine—the state treat, which shouldn’t be confused with the official dessert: blueberry pie. Not that anyone should call the whoopie a pie.

Think cookie cake with sugary cream filling between the halves—and, when made traditionally, Crisco is the other secret ingredient. Over the last couple years, I have seen the diabetes bombs in the strangest places: Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. A March 2009 New York Times article briefly explains the origins and strange migration across country. I love whoopie pies but would never eat them today. I avoid all treats; desserts, too.

Jen Steele shot self-titled “Two Fat Cats Whoopie Pies” on April 19, 2010, using the Canon PowerShot SD630. Vitals: f/2.8, ISO 200, 1/6 sec, 5.8mm. Jen is better known online as the “Evil Cake Lady“, and I can think of few foods more devilishly tempting than today’s selection. She joined Flickr in February 2006 and lives in Portland, Oregon.

Photo Credit: Jen Steete