Get Nexus 9 Cheap, While You Can

HTC is just killing me. Last week, I bought a new Nexus 9 tablet from Amazon, thinking: “What a deal!” But every Tuesday, the device manufacturer boasts big 24-hour sale. “What a steal” is my reaction to the weekly price cut, with buyer’s remorse. The company sells, today only, the 32GB LTE model for what I paid for the WiFi-only variant. Oh, the pain!

The blow-out sale is irresistible and already blows through inventory. The 16GB variant, discounted form $399 to $239.40, already is out of stock. The 32 gigger is still available, like the smaller capacity model in black and white, for $287.40, which is a helluva bargain. LTE: 32GB and black only for $359.40—and I am crying for not waiting several days to buy. I must admit to temptation to return the one N9 to Amazon and get LTE for the same price from the manufacturer.

But I really like the stone variant mistakenly shipped to me by Amazon (I ordered white). So much, that I completely revised my review from the earlier one where price-performance couldn’t match competing tablets. But the value is huge today, while the sale and supplies last.