Bernie Sanders DMCA burns Wikipedia

I have a whopping “WTF?” headache this fine Saturday over a Wikipedia report that the Bernie Sanders campaign filed a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) request demanding removal of the Presidential hopeful’s logos. Seriously? From an encyclopedia? If this is the future under so-called Democratic Socialism, run for cover. The Police State pounds the door! He talks the good talk—gentile Uncle promising freedom for all—but I look where he walks, and that’s with a club beating baby seals of free speech. Yikes!

I am decidedly non-partisan, meaning: All politicians are fair game for our bow and arrows to shoot and Bowie knife to gut. (Got a taxidermist on contract to stuff them, too!) The Donald is easy prey, but I never expected Bernie to gloriously trump Trump! The take-down notice’s absurdity outdoes the proposed Wall protecting Americans from Mexicans south and Canadians north. 

What? You thought Donald Trump’s plan stopped south? No way, Jose. There be terrorists emigrating to the Great Maple Leaf. It’s a helluva program to get Americans back to work! He can tout the plan to keep out bombers and other foreigners who take Red- and Blue-blooded American jobs, while creating more of them to keep out the unwanted dregs. What a political platform, eh?

But I digress. Bernie is our political party-pooper of the day, and, whoa, does he stink! Or is this a comedic mistake. I could imagine Bernie hosting “Saturday Night Live”, the take-down being a skit, and a campaigner not getting the gag and going too far. But the Vermont senator isn’t this week’s host, so there’s no plausible escape route there. Bagged a bird! Let’s roast him!

I would like to thank ArsTechnica for bringing Bernie’s bad behavior to our attention. While writing this post, the Sander’s campaign apparently has backed off, but only after the Ars article broke wind across the InterWebs and made stink so strong not even a Social Democrat could stand without puking. But the stench won’t so easily expunge as that. The Internet never forgets.

I wanted to use a Bernie Sanders logo for editorial purpose but feared getting the other DMCA—die, motherfucking, cocksucking, asshole. Websites served one of these rarely recover from the brutality of the takedown.

Photo Credit: Petteri Sulonen

Editor’s Note: The original version appears on Frak That!

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