The Book of Our Times

It’s catch-up time for things I meant to post but put aside, temporarily. Family drama! Perhaps you will read about it in the future, but likely not. Now to the main course: On Oct. 21, 2018—the day after reading that San Diegans spend more on alcoholic beverages than residents of any other city in the United States—I spotted something surprising on a table outside LeStat’s on Park. Did someone forget the book? Was it purposefully left behind—seemingly appropriate commentary about America’s “booziest city”?

For sure, breweries are commonplace, and most eateries serve alcoholic beverages, which also are sold everywhere—not predominantly in liquor stores but from pharmacies, supermarkets, warehouse stores (e.g. Costco), and more. 

I am not a drinker, BTW. I like to be in control, rather than surrender to inebriation. Funny thing: Whenever attending public functions, as a journalist, I often feel self-conscious around everyone else consuming booze. Because the typical non-drinker is a recovering alcoholic, which, obviously, I am not. Hehe, I often find being the sober person in the room to be a valuable news-gathering tool. Loose tongues! But that’s a story of its own, perhaps, for the future.

The Featured Image comes from Google Pixel 2 XL. Vitals: f/1.8, ISO 52, 1/1949 sec, 4.459mm; 10:01 a.m. PDT.