Ripe and Ready

Call my obsession with grapes overkill photography, but I must present one last look at the vine located between Campus and Cleveland along Meade in San Diego’s University Heights neighborhood. They’re gone now; someone picked them, or so seems the case.

I worried they would ripen and rot, being located between sidewalk and street rather than on someone’s property. Thankfully, they appear not to have been wasted—like so much other fruit languishing from lush trees outside residences. I don’t understand why. Food is precious, and the berries and citrus that I see requires so little human effort to grow.

I used Leica Q2 to capture the Featured Image on Aug. 19, 2021; two days later, only a few rotten grapes remained; lucky timing. Vitals, aperture manually set: f/5.6, ISO 160, 1/125 sec, 28mm; 9:41 a.m. PDT. The day before, I shot the same vine in black and white, using Leica Q2 Monochrom. Also: “Grapes Anyone?“; “How `Bout a Bunch?