Hunched Homeless

Whenever walking through Hillcrest, I typically carry Leica Q2 Monochrom, because black and white fits the grim character. Sidewalks are dirty and smell of urine; there are more homeless than litter—and the latter is no small amount. The San Diego neighborhood juxtaposes those residents of means (rents and cost of everything is high) and those without anything more than what they cart around.

The Featured Image is example enough. I believe that’s a gent hunched over looking at something—if not sleep standing, or attempting to be. Bags of belongings hang from what could be two shopping carts, but who can tell with bedding draped over?

Out of frame across Vermont Street are: Cox cable store, Wells Fargo bank, and workout gym. On the second floor above the person is a yoga spa. Throw a stone behind him and you will hit Trader Joe’s. Shopping plaza The Hub and surrounding district are trendy uptown. In a couple days, I will make the point with photo of a sofa discounted 50 percent to $12,898. You don’t misread.

Vitals for the street shot, aperture manually set: f/5.6, ISO 200, 1 /320 sec, 28mm; 10:07 a.m. PDT, yesterday.