Lose Something?

I do not recall taking the Featured Image, presumably from a laundromat that my wife used to frequent in San Diego’s North Park neighborhood. In January 2010, we owned the same smartphone, so metadata can’t confirm whom. However, sixth of the month means me.

About that device: Nexus One, Google’s first of many mobiles. Do read my first three stories (sequentially presented), following the device’s debut. They accurately analyze what the mobile meant for the future of contextual computing, particularly around search and voice: “Google Takes Ownership of a New Mobile Category“; “Nexus One Foreshadows Google Mobility That Could Get Ugly for Apple and Microsoft“; “Google’s Superphone is Super Surprising“.

I ordered my Nexus One during the Google’s launch event, on Jan. 5, 2010, and it arrived via FedEx the next day. Eighteen days passed before testing convinced me to get one for Annie, too.

Fast forward a decade-plus: Since buying the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in mid-December 2022, then trading in for the S23 Ultra two months later, I am waxing sentiments about all my past Android devices and what will be their successors’ future prospects. The platform isn’t as pretty as iOS, nor are there as many essential apps, but the inherent utility exceeds anything Apple offers. Search is superior. Same goes for voice capabilities and personalization.

Social media and marketing hype iPhone photography, but Androids like Google Pixel 7 Pro and Galaxy S23 Ultra equal or excel their rival. Which brings us back to those solitary socks and question: “Lose something?” Yes, my Apple adoration. I spit out the Kool-Aid and realize just how artificial is the taste of that sweet drink. Android ale has superior flavor and tickles the mouth. You should try it.