The Golden Man

Following up yesterday’s “The Photobomber“, we come to the intended subject of that photo—the golden man in the Featured Image and two companions. When passing him in San Diego’s Balboa Park on April 20, 2023, I was puzzled. He hung so still to the lamppost, I wondered if he was some statue—which there are a few round about. Then he moved, startling me and breaking my stare.

In the first of the three shots—all from Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra—he looks at approaching people. Vitals: f/4.9, ISO 50, 1/310 sec, 230mm (film equivalent); 3:14 p.m. PDT; composed as shot. Unfortunately, none of the trio aptly captures just how gold painted is his face.

In the second shot, he reaches out to someone, whom you might think is the mother and child in the stroller. Vitals are same as the first but 1/280 sec and 3:12 p.m.; composed as captured.

But no, he will reach out to the woman approaching right; mother and child have yet to enter the frame. Vitals: f/2.4, ISO 50, 1/2500 sec, 70mm (film equivalent); 11 seconds earlier than photo number two. As you can see from the bucket, he is busking.