Behave Yourself, or Else

Unless mistaken, I never shared the Featured Image—although that was my intention and mistaken belief having done so; ages ago. But here we are with no searchable evidence that you have seen this one, which is among the last taken with iPhone 13 Pro. In mid-December 2022, I returned to Android via Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The “Code of Conduct” sign was, and may still be, nearby Bloomingdales on the upper level of San Diego’s Fashion Valley Mall. “No weapons” means that I break the rules every visit—and, until now, without knowing. Yup, I carry a pocket knife. Quick, call the security guards! The tiny thing cuts paper pretty well. Occasionally.

My question: In this day and age of what some people might refer to as wokeology, words are considered weapons to anyone claiming to feel threatened by them. Oh, you poor baby. Eyes forward. Talk to no one and minimize your risk of being pursued.

Vitals: f/1.5, ISO 50, 1/2000 sec, 26mm (film equivalent); 12:16 p.m. PDT, Dec. 7, 2022.