When We Wed

Thirty-five years ago, today, Annie and I joined 1,274 other couples in our blessed marriage ceremony. We drank holy wine, signifying change of lineage; marched in procession for sprinkling of holy water; and acknowledged our wedding vows.

As explained in the three previous installments, between Jan. 9-12, 1989, we were matched by the True Parent, became acquainted, and got to know one another—all in Yongin, Korea.

The Featured Image is a slightly trimmed digital copy of the official wedding photo print. I was too tense (excitement, relief) to smile; hence the tight-lipped grin (not a smirk—promise); sadly, I will be the first to acknowledge that my inadvertent expression spoils the shot.

During 2016, in a smaller—but no less momentous—ceremony, we drank holy wine once more and reaffirmed our commitment to God, True Parent, lineage, and to one another.