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Delivering or Removing?

I don’t drink beer—or any alcoholic beverages, for that matter—yet for the second time in a fortnight, I write about boycotted Bud Light. The first followed a discarded can’s meaning as July 4th approached and Anheuser-Busch offered $15 off cases of 15, essentially bringing the purchase price to zero, or near it. Desperation makes sense: For the week ending July 1, 2023, sales slumped 31.2 percent year over year. Yikes!

In what I would call a pathetic plea, Anheuser-Busch chief executive Brendan Whitworth asks beer drinkers to have heart and think about the company’s 65,000 employees; no sales, no work. I’m all choked up; give me a minute to grab a hanky. Because I know what corporation would be so heartless as to put profits before employees? (Someone grab a bucket to catch all the dripping sarcasm.)

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Lafayette Hotel Misses Its Deadline

When the iconic Lafayette Hotel closed on Oct. 1, 2022, banners hung proclaiming “rebirth” in June 2023. Last month, the draping pronouncement came down, which meant imminent reopening or construction delay. Nine days into July, the latter is the circumstance. The establishment, located on El Cajon Blvd in San Diego neighborhood University Heights, isn’t yet ready for grand reopening.

Indications of continued construction can be seen on the Mississippi Street side of the building, although the frontage could fool anyone into thinking that the Lafyette is open for business—as the Featured Image and companion indicate. For good reason. Supposedly, the Lafayette reopens to the general public on July 12.

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Weep Not, Mourning Dove

Along Louisiana, between Madison and Monroe, in San Diego neighborhood University Heights, my wife stopped our afternoon walk to point out Mourning Doves gathered in a tree—perhaps 10 or more fluttered about. How unexpected.

While I clumsily pulled out Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, all flew off because of the action. But one bird returned long enough for a 10x-zoom closeup that is the Featured Image. Vitals: f/4.9, ISO 50, 1/800 sec, 230mm (film equivalent); 3:54 p.m. PDT.

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The (Honorary) Cats of University Heights: Liberty

While walking along 30th Street in North Park, today, I came upon a San Diego police cruiser coming to a parked stop. As an officer climbed out of the vehicle, I coincidentally spied a white cat in the grassy courtyard of a connected-cottage complex. I thought to take a quick photo, but the cop approached and I chose otherwise.

He opened the gate and entered the same property! I couldn’t resist, pulling out Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and turning back. I peaked through the fence expecting to see space where was the beastie. But no, the white was still there, and the policeman stood a short distance away knocking on someone’s door. This was no scaredy cat!

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The Flyover

Someone explain to me why this military-style helicopter circled around North Park and University Heights yesterday for the better part of a half hour—at times directly over our apartment building. Granted, San Diego is a Navy town, but neither neighborhood is military nor nearby harbor and ships.

Finally, I pulled out Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and snapped three fast photos. The Featured Image is second of the set and chosen for the perspective-setting palm tree trunk in the foreground. Vitals: f/4.9, ISO 50, 1/750 sec, 230mm (film equivalent); 12:23 p.m. PDT.

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Mission (Beach) Accomplished

Last night, my wife strongly suggested that we make an early coastal excursion today. Honestly, I was a bit ambivalent but followed along. Advice to myself: Listen to Annie. We both enjoyed the simple outing, which turned out to be unexpectedly productive, too. Destination: San Diego’s Mission Beach.

We arrived close to 9 a.m. PDT to find ample parking (still) but masses of people already gathered for the July 4th holiday weekend. In addition to sand and sea, Belmont Park, with its iconic rollercoaster, is the other main attraction. Annie and I traipsed about before rides or stores opened, coming upon a sign for holiday special: annual pass for $98 (discounted from $120).

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Honestly, I Don’t Mean It

San Diego alleys are chock full of oddities, treasures, and throwaways—sometimes all three together. The Featured Image and companion capture one item that I am remiss to share, for concern that you will get the wrong idea.

I also wonder what happens with respect to Internet searches. Hey, we’re marginally wholesome around here. Sarcasm may be thick sometimes but you won’t find much profanity or content generally deemed unsafe for home, school, or work.

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The Cats of University Heights: Nickel

After a long hiatus, Alabama returns to grace us with another kitty. This black-fur is the ninety-sixth feline from the street, between boundaries Adams and Lincoln, to appear in the series since its start in October 2016.

My neighbor Pat lives on the property, where once was the rusted Triumph Spitfire (the vehicle is gone now). He is nearly blind but nevertheless hardworking. Pat collects cans and bottles around the East side of Park Blvd. Most of the redeemables are face value five cents, although the redemptions are typically paid by weight (which means less).

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‘Hey, I Thought There was a Boycott!’

So said I to my wife when we passed by the discarded can today. I don’t drink beer—or any other alcoholic beverages—and am only aware of the Bud Light boycott because it blasted across every avenue and alley along the Information Superhighway (yeah, call me archaic), starting in April 2023. Anheuser-Busch made the marketing mistake of aligning with a transgender TikToker.

Sales plummeted, and the brewer stumbled into “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” territory. Distancing damage control precipitated a backlash among the Rainbow coalition of gender-identifying letters. Along the spectrum of staunch conservatives to prickly progressives, Anheuser-Busch managed to offend just about everyone who drank Bud Light, which was the most popular beer in the United States before the fiasco’s start.

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Waiting for Bruce

This evening, I stepped out for a late-day walk and came upon the owner of Bruce walking her dog Apple. Guido came along, somewhat reluctantly; he isn’t quite as enthusiastic about the jaunts as his housemate.

Bruce disappeared four weeks ago tonight—to what end no one knows. Everyone hopes not to a coyote; sightings are more frequent all around this part of University Heights and neighboring Hillcrest, Normal Heights, and North Park. But Bruce typically stays in at night, and rarely roams when do the predators. Best scenario is abduction and his eventual escape.

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The Case for Monogamy

Along University Ave., in San Diego neighborhood North Park, two billboards that typically market local drug dispensaries warn about syphilis and gonorrhea. There are two! A block apart, straddling Louisiana and Texas streets.

Take my advice: Stop smoking pot and sleeping around. That’s how you reduce—or eliminate among faithful spouses—the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Advertising that changed from cannabis shops to STDs—drugs and sex—there is a connection.