The Winslow

Sometime soon, I will share more about the evolution of the apartment complex that now occupies the property where was New Vision Christian Fellowship. I remember when families and old folks lined up for free food Fridays. Now the church’s former location is a cathedral for, according to promotional material, a “truly timeless, amenity-rich living experience”. Oh yeah?

The massive, block-long mixed-use structure, Winslow, packs in 379 apartments, which will lease in staggered fashion over the coming months. At a time when San Diego touts new buildings like this one as being the forebears of more affordable housing, Winslow rental prices sure make me wonder how.

Available Aug. 5, 2023: The choice of three, 522-square-foot S4 studios for $2,740, 2,765, or $2,832 monthly, depending on unit. Need something larger on the same day: One-bedroom A1 and A2 apartments—682 and 687 square feet, respectively—for between $3,233 and $3,258 or $3,240 and $3,781 per month, also respectively.

Would something much larger be more appealing? You’ll want the roomy B5.1—1,301 square feet—for either $5,450, $5,500, or $5,575. Lease length: 6 months. For the costliest of these, plan on paying $33,450 for the term. Ah, if only the apartment had a fireplace, so you could throw stacks of $100 bills on the flames. To pay more than five grand a month, surely you got money to burn.

Gripes aside, what I do really appreciate about Winslow is affirmation about location: University Heights. A block down El Cajon, BLVD North Park suggests being somewhere it ain’t. Winslow makes no pretense and even advertises the community as a benefit. Thanks for that.

I used Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra to shoot the Featured Image, today. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 50, 1/3000 sec, 13mm (film equivalent); 5:04 p.m. PDT; composed as shot.