More MacBook Goes to Guatemala

Earlier in the week, I blogged that my sister the missionary would be getting a MacBook. Today, she sent around an e-mail updating about her Guatemalan mission. She mentioned the laptop, which her husband likely will use. 

She writes:

Howie and I have consulted my brother, Joe, and have ordered Mac notebook that allows you to run Mac and Windows XP Operating Systems. Joe has discussed the virtues of Macs for years with us so we are taking the plunge. I would have done so sooner but Howie is a bit more cautious about learning new systems and computers. He hates it when we upgrade and things are not the same.

I, on the other hand, love the challenge of learning the new system. Joe is sending a book or [two] about how to use the Mac. Howie’s [Micron] notebook is showing signs of having problems and the battery holds no charge. The cost of a battery is around $200 so it is a better use of money to buy a new notebook than buy a battery for one that is having problems. The notebook has served well for 5 years.

I’ve got work on this Windows thing. Just because they could run Windows XP on the MacBook doesn’t mean that they should.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Hudy

Editor’s Note: On July 30, 2017, this post was recovered, using Wayback Machine, from a snapshot of during 2006, when months of content was lost while changing blogging systems and webhosts. Date and timestamps are authentic.