Tofu the Vegan Zombie

I am in one of my moods, basking in the glow of those people lucky enough to make San Diego Comic-Con 2014 pre-registration. This will be my sixth year attending as official press. From SDDC 2013, I wrote Comic-Con Heroes: The Fans Who Make the Greatest Show on Earth. Previous years, I focused on video interviews and photos. In reviewing the vids, I see that many are stuck in YouTube oblivion, and that I never blogged them. So let’s catch up with some oldies, most of which still have shelf life.

First up, from Comic-Con 2009: William Vaughan, creator of “Tofu the Vegan Zombie“. Hey, it’s timely with “The Walking Dead” episodes resuming tomorrow on AMC. But tofu? But not always. “We prefer him when he’s wanting to eat broccoli instead of brains”, Vaughan says. Where is his project today? That’s a question to be answered in a followup post.

I shot this and the other 2009 videos with the Sony HDR-TG1 HD camcorder but the uploads are 360p (Hey, five years ago, baby). I need to update them someday, assuming I can figure which storage disc has they original editors.