Flickr a Day 40: ‘Eye Contact’

Nearly three fortnights into this series, time is come for a reminder: I am posting one Creative Commons-licensed Flickr photo a day for all 2014. Forty days in, the process proves to be more challenging than anticipated. My goal is to highlight each photographer just once—no repeats—and keep the content constantly fresh. But it’s more difficult than anticipated to resist patterns of choice. As such, the last five selections deliberately break away from the types of pics previously picked.

Meet our first non-human primate of the series, captured by Agustin Rafael Reyes, using the Nikon D800E and 70-200mm f/2.8 lens. The image is a departure from the pics populating his recent photostream, where landscapes dominate. But go back to 2011, and Agustin demonstrates his skills as a street photographer.

From Manila, Philippines, but living in Yokohama, Japan, Agustin captured this photo on Nov. 8, 2014. Vitals: f/3.2, ISO 250, 1/1000 sec., 200mm. Self-titled “Eye Contact” was selected for character captured in the animal’s face and for the beautiful bokeh.

Photo Credit: Agustin Rafael Reyes