Flickr a Day 116: ‘Give Me a Ring’

Street photography this difficult looks too easy. Toronto, Canada-based Kat N.L.M. is the roving eye whose lens captures contrasting subjects—things that go oddly, yet somehow appropriately, together. Today’s selection is typical of his setup. You have to be a perceptive and fast shooter to make this kind of magic.

Kat shot self-titled “Give Me a Ring” on Aug. 20, 2013, using Canon EOS 5D and the fantastic EF28mm f/1.8 USM lens. Vitals: f/5.6, ISO 500, 1/1250 sec. The photo is actually my second choice, but the first is too similar to several other night, street shots featured in this series.

Kat describes himself as an “Anishinaabe artist“—and, confession, I had to Google that. “People and their lives are one of my favorite subjects”, he says of his photography. “My favorite pictures have a strong story-telling focus, and are almost always candid. I aim to transcend language barriers by presenting a story without requiring an explanation, appealing to an audience across many ethnicities”.

He joined Flickr in April 2013.

Photo Credit: Kat N.L.M.