Flickr a Day 217: ‘Finally the Expected Photographer Arrived’

If not for the Nike, this photo could easily be the 1940s rather than the 2010s. Look at the woman’s outfit to the left and those sunglasses on the lass to the right. This ambiance of timelessness pervades the street photography of Pedro Ribeiro Simões.

He shot self-titled “Finally the Expected Photographer Arrived”, on July 5, 2015, at Terreiro do Paço (Commerce Square) in Lisbon, Portugal, using the Leica Camera AG M9—first time the rangefinder appears in this series. Vitals: ISO 160, 1/250 sec, 50mm. Aperture issn’t captured in the EXIF, perhaps because he used a manual lens.

From Viseu, but living in Lisbon, Pedro is an economist by profession. He joined Flickr in June 2005.

Photo Credit: Pedro Ribeiro Simões