Flickr a Day 275: ‘Spacesuit Selfie’

You can believe Christopher Michel‘s claim that his photos come from “extreme locations like the South Pole, Everest, The Korean DMZ, Papua New Guinea, and at the edge of space”. Eh, yeah. He shot self-titled ‘Spacesuit Selfie” using a GoPro inside a U-2 spyplane on Nov. 23, 2012. Vitals aren’t available, but wouldn’t they be a distraction?

His photostream, packing close to 40,000 images, is an eye-popper. You will be dazed and amazed, but his SmugMug is the far better showcase of his captured moments (that most of us will never live).

Christopher is another lifer, joining Flickr in August 2004—or a few months after the service opened for business. He is from San Francisco, Calif.

Editor’s Note: The selfie is the higher resolution version of the same shot procured from Christopher’s SmugMug.

Photo Credit: Christopher Michel