The Pricey and the Priceless

Christmas came early this month, with the acquisition of Google Pixel C tablet and Master & Dynamic MW60 wireless headphones. So Santa rightfully pulled only a few items from the sack—and they are more than I deserved. The pricey: Sunglass clips for my spectacles and Hard Graft Atelier Hang Camera Strap (pictured) for my Fujifilm X-T1. Priceless; Necklace made by my wife.

The strap is in some respects more than the X-T1 needs, being such a compact, mirrorless camera. But the accessory commands more respect, hangs the Fuji better around my back, and easily pulls up for hand carrying. A last-minute purchase, Hard Graft shipped from United Kingdom on December 22nd for Christmas Eve delivery. I must thank DHL for calling that day to ensure someone would be home and by ringing allowing me to provide the apartment complex gate code. 

As my Flickr-a-Day series approaches its last installment, I look to spotlight more of my own photography during 2016—and that entails getting out more with the X-T1 (hence, the strap). Several people have asked me to keep going the daily Flickr feature, and I do consider continuing. But the project consumes much time and hasn’t garnered the greater attention I had hoped. When starting on January 1st, I thought maybe that by autumn, the series might be seen by some people as showcase for which photographers should aspire to be featured.

No organic recognition came, and in many ways I am relieved because there is no pressure to continue a project I enjoy doing but can’t justify long-term for amount of time required.

Circling back,I will post a pic of the simple but striking necklace later on. I’m not ready to take it off to shoot a photo.