The Cats of University Heights: Woo

Woo, who resides among apartments off Park Blvd. near Meade, is a fixture. I’ve seen her, and a littermate, around the same courtyard for years. Not nearly as long as I have lived in University Heights but definitely for a good half-decade. But this summer into autumn, though, she is alone—and I wonder about the other. (I later learned that Woo’s sister was mauled by a dog, leading to her death.)

Google’s Android auto-upload photo feature saved these captures; I can find no digital hard copies anywhere. For about 28 days in autumn 2013, I owned the Moto X Developer Edition before returning for refund. I praised the camera for shooting what the eye sees, which wasn’t enough to offset huge variances in image quality, depending on lighting. I captured the calico using Moto X on October 15th three years ago. If not for Cloud backup, the pics would be lost. 

calico cat

Featured Image vitals: f/2.4, ISO 320, 1/60 sec, 4.5mm, shot at 5:04 p.m. PDT. The pair of pics gives perspective of location. Vitals for left: f/2.4, ISO 250, 1/125 sec, 4.5mm. The right: f/2.4, ISO 320, 1/125 sec, 4.5mm. Time stamp is 5 p.m., four seconds apart.

Woo is in the alley adjacent to her home territory. I’ve not seen her there since; in the courtyard, often.

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