The Driving Dead

Happy Halloween! The couple may be gone from this world, but they are remembered every October 31st. I shot several portraits of them over several days before overcast skies removed offending glare. This is an enhanced crop captured with iPhone 7 Plus at 12:37 p.m. PDT three days ago. Vitals: f/1.8, ISO 20, 1/1018 sec, 3.99mm.

The vehicle is parked outside a house nearby the neighborhood tortoise—and the Halloween decor spotlights changes to the neighborhood. When my family moved to University Heights nine years ago, residents were largely older homeowners or younger gays; being adjacent to San Diego’s Hillcrest district. But over the last three years or so, the demographics dramatically changed.

Young couples with kids can be seen everywhere. Perhaps that in part explains also the noticeable increase in houses decked out for Halloween, particularly on Maryland Ave., which already had a reputation for being a trick-or-treat destination. Two-thousand-sixteen is different. There is an abundance of ghoulishly decor, and I love it!