She’s Such the Owl

Cali perches. Her expression is priceless, which makes this otherwise photographically odd portrait a keeper. The  converging lines going different directions unbalances the setting. (BTW, that taped-over cord is cat-proofed; the kitty has a taste for wires. Yum!) Then there is the morning light pouring through the adjacent window.

I often say that Cali looks like an owl, and the eyes, ears and nose capture the lines of the bird. But I wonder: In the wild, whom would eat whom?

I captured the moment at 7:52 this morning, PST, using iPhone 7 Plus. Vitals: f/1.8, ISO 40, 1/15 sec, 3.99mm. In auto-mode, the Apple camera handled the differing areas of contrasting light fairly well.