Flickr a Week 20a: ‘Truck Bed Friends’

The definition of frustration is an artist like Göran Johansson, whose Photostream presents too many superb street shots to choose from. Almost any image is worthy, but the Sunday spot goes to self-titled “Truck Bed Friends” for character, color, composition, and storytelling—or lack of it. We want to know what’s going on, and all Göran offers is location: “9th Street, East Village, NYC”. Oh the intrigue! Could that dog look any more pensive?

He used Fujifilm X100T to capture the moment, on May 30, 2016. Vitals: f/5.6, ISO 650, 1/250 sec, 23mm. From Stockholm, Sweden, Göran joined Flickr in April 2014 and remains active in 2020.

Photo Credit: Göran Johansson