A Simple Remembrance

Mom would be 80 years old today; she passed away in August 2017 and will always be missed. Short stature, she put on the pounds with age, which would eventually make her bound to a wheel chair. She navigated the thing like a sports car, and I would like to have seen her race someone riding an electric scooter. But their popularity zoomed after she departed.

Linda was a sun around which other people revolved like planets—not because she was a narcissist demanding attention but for being affable and generous. They nourished off her light and enjoyed being pulled by her gravity. My sisters and I were blessed to have her as a parent.

In simple remembrance, I share a portrait with my wife and daughter taken at the Baltimore, Md. Inner Harbor on blustery April 7, 2002—a Sunday and start of Daylight Saving Time. I used Canon PowerShot S20 to capture the Featured Image, which is composed as shot, at 4:32 p.m. EDT. Vitals: f/5.6, ISO 62, 1/350 sec, 8.72mm (film equivalent unknown).