How Timely

As an educational exercise, tonight, I re-edited the Featured Image, which I captured on June 6, 2021 using Leica Q2. It’s a long-exposure, from which a little camera shake is evident. Vitals, aperture manually set: f/2.8, ISO 400, 8 sec, 28mm; 9:46 p.m. PDT. Composed as shot.

I acquired the Luminox Automatic Sport Timer 0921 a few days earlier and still almost exclusively wear the watch sixteen months later. I love it. Persistent luminescence is an enormous benefit—and the timepiece is analog, which means mostly perpetual operation; no battery change, ever.

On the subject of time, Daylight Saving ends on Nov. 6, 2022, which is a Sunday—and coincidentally, ah, timely given the day and date on the Luminox watch face. I hate Daylight Saving Time and would support staying Standard forever. Which, to be clear, means I oppose moving to permanent DST.