A Touch of Color

For the Aroostook County, Maine trip a week ago—to see Dad while we still could—my sister and I stayed with our beloved aunt. Her husband, and naturally our uncle, was Washburn fire chief for two decades. He passed away in August 2020. I was humbled by opportunity to sleep in his bed, over which a portrait of him in uniform looked.

The Featured Image and companion of brother and sister (my uncle and mom) are opportunity to show off some of the AI-enhanced capabilities of Samsung Photo Assist. I edited both portraits on Galaxy S24 Ultra. The second, made more monochrome, is for reference to the first, which is colorized.

The original photo is anything but sharp, which is one of the reasons for choosing it. Colorization could be much more enchanting if starting with a higher IQ (image quality) original. And as a reminder: All editing or AI-enhancement occurred on the smartphone, which is no small feat, regardless of cellular manufacturer.